Location Don't Determine Destination

Urban apparel with a new generation swag.

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Welcome To "The Trenches" Official Website

Creating underground clothing for everyone. 

No matter what part of the country you live, "The Trenches" is in every part of the world. 

Never forget where you came from. Location don't determine destination....

"The Trenches" CEO - Rashod Stanley


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Clarity of Mind

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Our Mission: 

Not only do we want to supply high quality 

underground clothing, but also to define a new 

era and overall lifestyle. 

We want to symbolize 

unity, integrity, & clarity of mind.

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Your gift will help children growing up in "The Trenches" to provide the basics essentials like food, clothing, school supplies and more! We will also advertise when we have back to school donation drives on our calendar through our website. We need your support!

Sponsor Partners ›

Become a sponsor or partner. Just as our volunteers are vital to the success of fulling "The Trenches" mission, our sponsors and partners allow us to confidentially stage events, execute programs and enhance the 

experience for our community.

Business Partners/Investors ›

Are you passionate about helping your community? Lets collaborate about your goals and ideas as a business partner/investor.  

Together we all can make a difference. Join us today!

Location Don't Determine Destination

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