Location Don't Determine Destination

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About "The Trenches"

"The Trenches" was created to be a versatile platform that was all about the individual lifestyle coming up in "The Trenches". It isn't just a clothing line, but mediums for any average person to finally take the stepping stone to be the person they ultimately strive to be. 

It’s meant to inspire people to find their own happiness without having to succumb to the norms of society. 

The mission isn't just to supply high quality underground clothing, but to depict overall lifestyle to the 

best of my ability. The style is meant to symbolize unity, integrity, and clarity of mind.

My goal is to inspire people and hope they find happiness rocking "The Trenches" Brand.

"Whenever you get to where it is you plan on going in life... remain humble, count your blessings, and never forget where you came from!"

CEO - Rashod Stanley

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